IHDLife Leadership Meets Niger’s President, Mohamed Bazoum

IHDLife Leadership Meets Niger’s President, Mohamed Bazoum, To Broach Healthcare Delivery Partnership Strategy For The Republic Of Niger

The leadership of IHDLife, a global medical and pharmaceutical products supply chain giant, recently had a high-level meeting with the President of Niger, His Excellency President Mohamed Bazoum. This broad-based discussion brought issues of healthcare delivery to the table, directing focus towards areas of strategic partnership with the view to re-vamp Niger’s health sector in light of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG3) – Health for All – spelling the roadmap to universal health coverage.

Noticeably, the partnership reflects a very perceptive needs assessment and informed baseline analysis of the myriad of challenges bedevilling Niger’s healthcare system. Lack of access to quality, medically-tested, pharmaceutically-ratified and affordable medicines, coupled with the prohibitive cost of diagnostic treatments and tests, have over the years made attainment of universal healthcare coverage a distant dream for the citizens of Niger. A much needed panacea to the prevailing situation, this partnership resonates with IHDLife’s itinerant programme to capacitate and reinforce public sector establishments and players in the healthcare value chain in developing countries in line with bespoke global best-practice.

IHDLife is excited to compliment the government of Niger in the drive to harness the fruits of investing in human capital. Through its innovative, systemic frameworks that ride on its digitally vigilant platforms, IHDLife has been in the forefront helping countries that have been unable to sustainably procure primary medical products, equipment and services essential in the fight against the ravaging pandemic. The partnership comes to plug supply bottlenecks, constraints and gaps by tapping into the affordances of IHDLife’s network of links unlocking potent global supply chain corridors. Dr. Chitwan Malhotra, the Chairwoman of IHDLife who

also happens to be the Executive Director of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) in Geneva, Switzerland, said, “Niger’s unique geographical position as a country bordering 7 other states creates a great economic corridor whose spill-over benefits should cascade to its citizenry, hence IHDLife’s heightened endeavour to avail in Niger some intervention measures that strike a balance between low hanging fruits and innovative problem-solving initiatives that tap into our organisation’s supply chain networks. Our joy always emanates from dealing a positive dent in the livelihoods of the everyday person on the streets.”

Leveraging on its strategic and signature partnerships across the globe, IHDLife endeavours to facilitate needs-based delivery of urgent medical requirements to Niger’s health institutions, strengthening the distribution system through a robust and integrated framework that ensures end-to-end traceability of medical and pharmaceutical products to the last mile. This partnership demonstrates the transformation drive that the healthcare systems of different countries ought to embrace through the benefits of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).

The closed door meeting between IHDLife and Niger’s Premier set into motion the government of Niger’s fruitful links with the private sector to scale up health delivery infrastructure in the country. The meeting yielded a set of signatures between IHDLife and Niger’s public sector departments. In a comprehensive and broad-based outline of the partnership’s major deliverables, IHDLife has identified locations to construct medical storage warehouses in the Republic of Niger, ensuring the much needed 24/7 availability of medical and pharmaceutical sundries and consumables.

The project on the cards is set to circumvent the traditional challenges of supply bottlenecks in public health centres, with IHDLife coming in to facilitate a compliant and functionally integrated supply system in Niger through the robust digital platform (the IHDLife Marketplace). The platform is competitive, user-friendly, safe, convenient and customised to address end-to-end traceability. This will quite rewardingly rule out the insidious challenges of counterfeit medicines and drugs that have been opportunistically penetrating vulnerable markes especially in the Africa Global South. Prospects of development in Niger’s health sector speak volumes in the scheme of global milestones towards the attainment of universal health coverage.

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