Building an ecosystem for Healthcare Delivery

The overall objective of RxMarketplace is to help countries improve procurement and distribution of essential medicines and technologies, to ensure consistent availability and optimize affordability.
We work towards maximum utilization of your resources by saving your time spent on market research as well as the valuable energy of your manpower that can be deployed for more effectiveness towards a greater good.
Our primary focus is to make ends meet without compromising on the qualitative, quantitative, comparative and commercial aspects for a smoother, faster and result oriented, complex-free procurement process.
RxMarketplace Access Initiative (RxAI) RxAI is structured to create a competitive environment serving the interests of both buyers and suppliers while bringing transparency to the process. Leveraging market dynamics, such as pooled purchasing power, the Marketplace – including its online procurement facility – seeks to achieve lower prices, improved quality control, standardization and more effective supply chains.
Health Pos RxMarketplace has launched “WOMEN OWN WOMEN RUN -Pharmacy” retail chain stores as a leading initiative for championing women in global pharmacy and health, through the empowerment of women both within and beyond the workforce. The mission is investing in women, whether through the female workforce (across all settings and stages) or through women caregivers in the community, enhancing access to quality healthcare as an essential step towards achieving universal health coverage.
Digital Health Helping develop solutions that are consumer-centric, integrated, simple and safe by introducing innovative approaches, products and services such as smart clinics, mobile clinics and Hello Doctor facilities that can improve personal health and promote healthier populations in local communities.
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Cardinal Objective – Value Addition

We believe in building a competitive ecosystem of healthcare transparency, authenticity and accessibility of information for all country-level decision makers whilst providing accurate, authoritative & trustworthy information on global medicines, medical supplies, ancillaries, diagnostic equipment and healthcare infrastructure with the aim to make them all accessible locally at country-level.

We Thrive on Sustainability

RxMarketplace had identified the critical aid required at the time of pandemic and delivered life-saving essential medications and supplies successfully across the globe. In turn, we were recognized as the most trustworthy, aggressive, incessant and an ever-expanding organization with a focused vision of making ease in accessing the healthcare supplies and simplifying the supply chain process for sustainable transactions.


Most organizations in the aid and development sector can access UN Web Buy Plus. Please register using the registration form. If you are unsure of your eligibility we have provided further information below.

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We have experience working the UN system. We procured several millions worth of goods on behalf of 12 UN agencies, such as UNDP, UNFPA, FAO. Our user-friendly interface allows you to execute most parts of the procurement process on your own. UN Web Buy Plus offers a broad catalogue of the most needed products in the international aid and humanitarian community. Our catalogue is frequently updated and expanded by adding relevant products.


Together for a Healthier World

UN Web Buy Plus is a truly global platform. We deliver to any country in the world, including some of the most challenging destinations.

Over nearly two decades, UN Web Buy Plus has been serving the humanitarian and development community, delivering to clients in 128 countries.

Our catalogue will automatically display the options available for your country so you can be sure to order the right product for your location.


The UN Web Buy Plus team is constantly striving to assist partners with their orders and find optimal solutions for their needs. The team has intimate knowledge of the requirements of the humanitarian and development sectors and understands the issues that can arise when delivering to project locations.
UN Web Buy Plus catalogues are based on Long Term Agreements (LTAs) developed by UNOPS procurement specialists, according to UNOPS Procurement Manual under UNOPS Financial Rules and Regulations. They are the result of a tendering process and are reviewed by UNOPS Contracts and Property Committee. This guarantees that the process is transparent, accountable and follows procurement best practices.
UNOPS procurement specialists have sustainability in mind when designing the procurement processes and ensure that tenders incorporate relevant sustainability criteria. Since 2016, UNOPS has been recognized by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply as a leader in Sustainable Procurement. In February 2020, UNOPS was once again awarded the Gold Award in the CIPS Sustainable Procurement Review, making it the only organization worldwide that has achieved this honour four times in a row.

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